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Critical 60 Home

girl behind wheel Maryland Law requires that an adult supervises a young driver for sixty hours before they can earn a provisional license. This is a critical time for helping the new driver to learn to drive well. However teaching your child to drive can be challenging and scary.

  • You may be worried that you don’t know how or that you'll make a mistake.
  • Maybe you just don’t know what to do.

Critical 60 is the answer. Using our structured set of lesson plans (that we call "learner plans") you’ll be able to:

  • know what your young driver ought to be learning,
  • have specific lesson plans you can teach,
  • keep track of progress and know when you’ve finished,
  • avoid tension and stress,
  • actually be able to enjoy yourself.

driving instruction

Classes are taught a local community colleges. Click here to Find a class.

To view the lesson plans and other materials, simply create an account. All teaching materials are available to anyone. The course provides additional information in how to teach, what to teach, teaching driving safely, and what's new or updated since you took driver's ed.